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  • Since 2010, our crew of loveable larrikins has steered the good ship West Winds into often choppy waters, making things up as they go along and overcoming some big waves along the way. We’ve always kept our course set on bringing the unique botanicals of this ancient land to the world’s stage, and have managed to create a distinct family of Australian spirits along the way.

    Fortunately, the world’s stage was very much here for our particular brand of Aussie gin and has heaped awards on us from the earliest days.

    None of this was an overnight success however. It took us a whole year of tinkering and 45 distillations to develop our first two gins - The Sabre and The Cutlass - before we even officially launched in the market.  Our dedication to ‘getting it right’ certainly paid dividends, with Cutlass winning a Double Gold – the First Australian spirit in any category to win a Double Gold - and Sabre a Gold, at The World’s Most Recognised Spirit Competition in San Francisco just three weeks later.

  • Talk about making a splash . . . 

    Once we found our groove and added those gongs to our award cabinet, like a tricky second album, the pressure was on to continue hitting goals with our growing family of spirits. The West Winds crew have always felt a natural affinity to the ocean – the Indian Ocean is literally on our doorstep in Margaret River, and we share the same pioneering spirit as those of the early sailors, who relied on the West Winds to reach the remote shores of Australia. Once they dropped anchor, they found a naturally thriving land, protecting pure, pristine waters along with incredibly unique flora that we use in our products today. 

    We honour and value this land and proudly source our local ingredients directly from growers and Traditional Custodians of the land, choosing to use environmentally sustainable produce where possible including banksia honey, native bush tomatoes, Davidson plums, native thyme, lemon myrtle, cinnamon myrtle, strawberry gum leaves, sloe berries and sea parsley.

  • Our Spiritual Home - Margaret River in Western Australia

    If you’ve never been to the Margaret River region, our spiritual home, imagine a place of wild, rugged beauty, with sea spray and shady forests, wineries and rocky cliffs. To live and work in such an extraordinary place perhaps puts into context the inspiration we are able to draw every day and bring to our distillery. Margaret River has built a world-class reputation as a hotspot for food excellence and award-winning wines and breweries. We proudly take our place on this gourmet map of innovators with our new distillery and tavern now open in Cowaramup in the Margaret River region. Not only is this the realisation of many years of hard work, but it also serves as a beacon for people to experience and taste the real spirit of West Winds Distillers, in the heart of the region where our spirits are born.

    This pioneering spirit is evident in everything we do. We lead, and others follow. 

    It’s why we’ve chosen the Bluebird, always associated with happiness, well-being and symbol of good luck to help guide us on this journey. Sailors often wear a bluebird tattoo on their arm or hand because legend has it that a bluebird will carry a sailor’s soul to heaven. Another more tangible tale, is that master mariners would receive a bluebird mark after completing 5000 nautical miles as a symbol of prowess and achievement.

    So, we hope you’ll continue to join us on our journey of crafting Australia’s best flavoured, most awarded gins, and also help celebrate our achievements as the world sits up and takes notice of the good ship West Winds.