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Strawberry Gum Clover Club

Creating your own syrups is a great way to create distinctive and unique flavour profiles in your drinks and a really fun way to utilise Australian botanicals in your next creation. Sugar syrups can be infused with lemon myrtle or salt bush, Falernums with river mint or even raspberry with Strawberry Gum. Boiling your syrups/ sugar base directly can be effective but you run the risk of burning your botanicals and souring the taste. We recommend recommend using a Sous Vide which allows you to get a consistent, lower temperature when infusing your syrups. Here’s our recipe for creating the raspberry and strawberry gum syrup used in our Strawberry Gum Club cocktail available at The West Winds Bar in Leederville.


45ml Sabre
30ml lemon juice
20 ml Strawberry Gum infused raspberry syrup
1 egg white


Sous Vide 500ml of Raspberry syrup with 10 g of powdered Strawberry Gum at 65 degrees for 45 minutes.
Utilise in-order of the ingredient list to make a modern twist on a Clover Club.

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