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The West Winds Gin Bowls

Learn how to make the hottest trend in gin cocktails with our top 3 gin bowl recipes incorporating Native Australian ingredients including Saltbush, Banksia flowers and Eucalyptus leaves.

Yesterday our Brand Ambassador worked alongside our creative team to bring to life his unique take on gin bowls, specifically incorporating native Australian ingredients. These were a match made in heaven when paired with our award-winning Australian gins.

Keep reading to discover our top three contemporary cocktail gin bowl recipes and the background story about what inspired these unique combinations.

Dragonfruit & Lemon Gin Bowl


Light, fresh and designed to bring out the subtle complexities of The Sabre, this Gin and Tonic utilises the light sweetness of the dragonfruit to create a base for the soft aromas of the banksia flowers to blend with the Juniper Berries and lemon zest. Inspired by our Brand Ambassador's latest trips to South East Asia and his experiments with native botanicals from home and abroad.


Kiwifruit & Bush Tomato Gin Bowl


Ideal for the more adventurous drinker, the stronger Citrus notes of the kiwifruit and the heat of the habanero peppers create a peppery blend that pairs beautifully with the aromas of native eucalyptus. For a special touch add native Bush Tomatoes to enhance that one in a million flavour that belongs distinctively to The Cutlass.


Grapefruit & Toasted Saltbush Gin Bowl


Bold and punchy, the salty flavours of The Broadside are complemented by roasted saltbush and fresh blueberries in this fun mix of tastes and textures. Pink grapefruit zest adds a light zing to pair with the pimento and don't be afraid to add edible snowpea flowers to fancy it up a bit.

We haven't even told you the best part about our gin bowl cocktail recipes yet... some of the key ingredients including Saltbush, Banksia Flowers and Eucalyptus Leaves can be foraged from almost any suburb!

The remaining ingredients can be found at your local growers' market (Fremantle Markets for example) or your local grocer (Fresh Provisions in this case).

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