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The Great G&T Debate

For us, there is one important debate that everyone should have their say on, and that’s what makes the perfect gin and tonic. Yes it is simple and delicious, but it can be oh so divisive.
Your first dilemma when deciding on the perfect G&T is where to begin, we have the great garnish debate: when does Citrus work? Will a slice of cucumber help? What herbs pair well? From there you’ll need to find a high quality Gin and Tonic, what is small batch and how can I taste quality?
In an attempt to settle the debate, we have narrowed down the perfect combination for you this summer!

Lots Of Ice, Ideally In A Solid Block

Use West Winds Gin straight out of the fridge and fill your standard highball glass to the brim with ice. The more ice you have, the less it will melt; pour your gin over the ice to cool it down. Ideally the ice will be a solid block, not hollow like most of the store-bought ice. For me, you need a two-to-one ratio of gin and a good-quality tonic.

Using A Quality Tonic Water

Whether food pairing or cocktail preparation, the process for creating a masterpiece always begins with the raw ingredients you’re using. Our notion for garnishing is always fresh, and to either complement or contrast. For this essential drink, the importance of any G&T begins with the base, Tonic – We recommend Fever Tree, Capi and Fentimans tonics as the standouts.

With A Tasteful Garnish

Most gins work well with a Citrus garnish but bringing out the very best in a G&T can require some lateral thinking. For example, red or green capsicum with a dash of ground pepper makes an outstanding West Winds Cutlass G&T. The sweetness of the capsicum, combined with the spicy pepper perfectly complements the spicy, savoury nature of the native Bush Tomatoes used in distilling the gin.
Both the Sabre and the Broadside work well with a lemon garnish but are also excellent with a slice of pink grapefruit. The pink grapefruit works very well with the salty notes of the Broadside.

In Pre-Mix Form

You won’t always have the time you need to create and enjoy your masterpiece, and for those moments The West Winds G&T cans have you covered! Sure, there are competitors in this category, but none of them taste like a real G&T. The West Winds perfected the canned version by creating a custom Tonic with their London Dry, Sabre Gin. At 6.5% ABV you can enjoy a real G&T straight from the can or just as easily pour over ice with your favourite Citrus garnish!

With A Strong Flavour

It’s no secret that distilleries are constantly trying to create the next unique flavour that will fly off the shelf. For Gin, this is made easier by the distillation process, which in most cases takes no more than a few weeks from beginning to end. For a traditional London Dry such as Hendriks, its refreshing nature comes from its distillation with cucumbers. In the realm of New World Gins, distilleries in Australia experiment with a vast array of indigenous plant species which impart unique and one off flavours. We recommend trying gins with Bush Tomato, bush honey and native Australian flora.

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