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This is the Best Matured Gin in Australia

The West Winds’ aged gin, Barrel Expedition II, has been named the best matured gin in Australia and given the top prize and a gold medal in its field at the second annual Australia Gin Awards.

Winning out against all its competitors, the exclusive and gently oaked drop showcases how well this typically white spirit can shine with careful aging.

Judged by a panel of industry icons including Bill Lark, Mikey Enright, Genise Hollingworth and Philip Moore, the gin was described by the judges as having “a delicious nose of good gin and subtle oak. Sweet and lusciously creamy upfront with a well-driven palate of gin and oak bouncing off each other in a balanced marriage gently sliding into a strong warm finish.”

The Barrel Expedition II, RRP $85, starts its life out as The West Winds’ limited release Captain’s Cut before spending two years in an aged Australian-sourced Gewürztraminer barrel.

Two years may sound lengthy but, due to its pre-use, the barrel takes its time to impart its mellow character on the gin and temper the peppery notes of native sage and thyme. The result is an elegant gin with sophisticated depth, released at a very approachable 45% ABV.

 “We take great care to ensure that the barrels we use and the time our gins spend in the barrel creates a flavour profile that tastes like gin but has that extra special something from the barrel,” said Paul White, CEO & Founder of The West Winds Gin.

With such a depth of flavour the suggested serving for The Barrel Expedition II is on the rocks or with a dash of soda water and a slice of lemon or a sprig of lemon thyme to really open up the flavour.

The Australian Gin Awards also gave The West Winds Gin two gold medals, one for The Cutlass savoury gin which heroes Australian elements like Cinnamon Myrtle and Australian Bush Tomato, and the other for its latest edition of Wild Plum Gin, drawing its flavour from native Davidson Plums.

The Broadside Navy Strength gin also picked up a silver medal in the Australian Navy Gin category.

“The recent success of our gins shown at the Australian Gin Awards is a testament to the hard work put in behind the scenes. Many hours refining the botanical mix of each gin and working with additional production methods allows us to produce exceptional gins with great balance.” said Anthony Reynolds, Distiller of the West Winds Gins.

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