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The West Winds Gin Newsletter July 2018

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Welcome back! With the launch of our new bar in Leederville, our weekly Masterclasses about to kick off and a stack of new events coming up we’re full steam ahead! Read on to make sure you don’t miss out!

Upcoming Events


Sometimes you need a stiff drink to shake off the winter chill and nothing does that quite as well as a Nuclear Daiquiri. Traditionally using over proof rum we’ve made our own variation utilising The Broadside Navy Strength Gin and Native River Mint. If you can’t be bothered making it up yourself just come down to our brand new bar in Leederville and order one!

The Titanic (available at The West Winds Gin Bar)
45ml The Broadside Navy Strength
30ml Lime Juice
15ml River mint infused Falernum
20ml Green Chartreuse

Method: Measure  your ingredients into a boston shaker, fill with ice and shake away for 20-30 seconds. Double strain into a coupette and garnish with a zest of lime.

Equitise Crowd Campaign Closes

We are really pleased to announce that our recent equity crowdfunding capital raising successfully closed on Tuesday 17 July 2018, raising $933,500 and taking the offer to 187% of our base funding requirement.  We had a lot of new investors come on board in the last few days after the launch of our new West Winds Gin bar.  We would like to welcome all of you that have joined our crew and thank everyone that managed to make it to our West Winds Gin bar launch party – it was a fun evening.   For those that couldn’t make it or live outside WA we have not forgotten you. We will be announcing future events in this newsletter and on our website and look forward to seeing you at one of these.

The Strawberry Gum Clover Club available at The West Winds Gin Bar

Mixology Tips

Creating your own syrups is a great way to create distinctive and unique flavour profiles in your drinks and a really fun way to utilise Australian botanicals in your next creation. Sugar syrups can be infused with Lemon Myrtle or Salt Bush, Falernums with river mint or even raspberry with Strawberry Gum. Boiling your syrups/ sugar base directly can be effective but you run the risk of burning your botanicals and souring the taste. We recommend recommend using a Sous Vide which allows you to get a consistent, lower temperature when infusing your syrups. Here’s our recipe for creating the raspberry and strawberry gum syrup used in our Strawberry Gum Club cocktail available at The West Winds Bar in Leederville

Sous Vide 500ml of Raspberry syrup with 10 g of powdered Strawberry Gum at 65 degrees for 45 minutes. Utilise as follows to make a modern twist on a Clover Club.

  • 45ml Sabre
  • 30ml lemon juice
  • 20 ml Strawberry Gum infused rasberry syrup
  • egg whites

The West Winds Gin Bar

Booze News

The West Winds Gin Bar is OPEN!
Starting July 13th our brand new gin bar and pilot still will be open to the public! With a signature cocktail list designed by the West Winds team in collaboration with Bills Bar and Bites this is your new one stop venue for all things West Winds. Masterclasses on the History of Gin, Gin Cocktails through the ages and Distillation from Alchemy to Recreation kick off July 25th running every week hosted by our National Brand Ambassador Brendan Scott Grey. Book your next social or work place event here! https://bit.ly/2NZKqmh


Eucalyptus: “By 1868, the Tre Fontane Abbey near Rome was almost abandoned. The soil was depleted, the surrounding community deserted, and worst of all, malaria had reached an intolerable level. At that time people still believed that malaria was caused not by mosquitoes carrying a parasite but by something in the air; the word itself meant “bad air” in Latin. The monks hit upon an unusual solution to their problems: they planted stands of eucalyptus trees around the monastery. This fast growing Australian Tree, which, after all, smelled of medicine, would surely clear the air, rid the abbey of malaria, improve the soil, and give the monks some sort of crop with which to earn an income. They even made a tea which they believed would keep malaria away.”

Excerpt from The Drunken Botanist written by Amy Stewart.

Dr Franciscus Sylvius


The Fable of Dr. Sylvius

"Franciscus Sylvius def la Boe was a professor of medicine at Leiden university, Holland, between 1658 and 1672. During his time at the University, Sylvius cooked up no small quantity of juniper based tonics, and prior to that he had worked as a plague doctor, where juniper had no doubt featured in his arsenal of preventative remedies. It’s fair to say that Dr. Sylvius is historically one of junipers most reliable advocates. Nowadays, however, he is widely and erroneously credited as the man who invented genever. There are plenty of reasons why Sylvius couldn’t possibly have been the inventor of genever, or juniper spirits. The fact that Sylvius was only born in 1614- late enough to have entirely missed the Flemmish boom of the 16th century- should be proof enough, but just to be sure, it’s worth pointing out that genever was never mentioned in any of his surviving research, nor was he ever cited more than once regarding his distilling expertise. Oh, and did I mention he was German, born in Hanover? Case closed."

Excerpt from The Curious Bartenders's Gin Palace by Tristan Stephenson  

Distillers Log- No. 3

Well.. What a night.

After many beads of blood, sweat and swear our Pilot Distillery within Bill’s Bar and Bites is finally open. Its nice to see all of the effort we’ve put in reflected in a physical space. Its so often the hard work we commit ourselves to summarised in a flavour, so thank you to you all that came down and made our night special.

With the opening of the Pilot Distillery comes the excitement of masterclasses and limited small runs. Any of you that know Brendan and I know that we like to wax lyrical about the romantic side of booze and its unique*connection to our species, and now we have our very own space to really get into it.

The Pilot Still allows us to run some micro batch releases on the more experimental side as well as collaborate with our friends. I don’t want to give away too much detail on what we’ve got cooking just yet, so keep an eye on this space.

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