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The West Winds Gin Newsletter - June 2018

Monthly Musings from The West Winds Crew 

Welcome back! Its been an exciting month for us here at The West Winds Gin and we've got heaps of news for you in our June edition. New products, a new bar, updates on the Equitise crowd funding campaign and a few fun facts and historical tidbits await you, lets get started!
Upcoming Events

Distillers Loft at The Queens Hotel Perth June15th
World Sea Turtle Day June 16th
Equitise Q&A EY Building Perth June 21st
Good Food and Wine Sydney June 22nd-24th
World Sea Farers Day June 25th
Antarctica: Night at the Museum Perth June 22nd 
Winter Ice Cream Festival Perth Begins! June29th
The West Winds Gin Bar Official Launch Leederville July 12th
Indie Tasting Perth July 18th
The Sabre Hot Bush Tea

As the rains are coming in and the weather is getting colder its always good to have a few warm drinks up your sleeve and Australian Teas are great to work with if you want something a little different. Here’s our recipe for a bush tea cocktail with The West Winds Sabre.
The Sabre Bush Tea Special
30ml The West Winds Sabre
20ml Lemon Juice
15ml Elderflower Liqueur
2g Lemon Myrtle Bush Tea

Method: Brew your Bush Tea for 5-10 minutes (or until the steam has stopped rising from your mug). Add Lemon Juice, Elderflower liqueur and The West Winds Sabre. Garnish with lemon zest and enjoy!
CEO Paul White preparing for his equitise presentation in Sydney.

Equity Crowd Funding Update
With just under 5 weeks to go on our capital raising we are well past our minimum raise of $500,000. 
If you are in Perth on Thursday the 21st of June at 6pm then we would love to see you at our next information session. The West Winds Gins and Equitise will be hosting an information session where you can meet Paul White (West Winds Gin CEO/Founder) and his team.  Paul will be taking guests through the story of TWWG, the business model, exciting future plans and the West Winds equity crowdfunding capital raise. You can own a stake in West Winds for as little as $500.
Location: EY – Level 5, 11 Mounts Bay Road, Perth
6.00pm (WST) – Networking (with some gin)
6.15pm - Paul's presentation
6.45pm – Questions
8:00pm – Close
If you would like to attend then please register your interest at: https://www.meetup.com/The-Equity-Crowdfunding-Masterclass/events/251260761/
Check out The West Winds Gin's equity crowdfund now: https://equitise.com/west-winds-gin-raise
The Sabre 'Army and Navy' available at Bobeche.


Australian botanicals are some of the most interesting flavours you can work with in cocktail creation but also some of the most challenging. Due to the nature of the Australian bush the flora that grows in those conditions are almost always extremely potent and need to be used sparingly so as not to overpower the other flavours you’re working with and create a balanced recipe. We recommend either using tinctures or infusing small amounts with your liqueurs such as this creation from the Bobeche crew which utilises Salt Bush with White Cacao to make an Australian twist on an Army and Navy. Available from Bobeche all of June for Gin month.

Army & Navy twist:
30ml West Winds Sabre
20ml Lemon Juice
10ml Salt Bush White Cacao
20ml Macadamia Orgeat
1 dash Angostura
The West Winds Salt and Pepperberry Negroni.


Negroni Week has always been a great time for gin lovers so we created something special for you. Working with a local abalone cannery up in Wangara we canned up a one off batch of Negroni's using The West Winds Broadside salty Navy Strength gin, Campari, Martini Sweet Vermouth and a few Native Tasmanian Pepper Berries for good measure. These 'Salt and Pepper Berry' Negronis were a delicious treat and part proceeds from every can sold went to The Sea Turtle Foundation in Cairns. They will be available via our website for a very limited time. If you would like to donate towards helping our marine environment you can do so here and remember!
Say No To Straws.
Construction begins at The West Winds Gin Bar. .

The West Winds Gin Bar Is Coming!

We are thrilled to announce that The West Winds Gin will soon have its very own signature cocktail bar in the heart of Leederville! In conjunction with Bills Bar and Bites we have set about designing a bar that’s all things West Winds with a strong focus on pairing the flavours of The Sabre, Cutlass and The Broadside with a selection of Australia’s most exotic botanicals. Construction is well underway and we can’t wait to show you what we’re putting together with the team at Bills. This will also become a hub for experimentation and innovation with our brand new pilot still which will be nestled just in the next room. If you’re an investor via Equitise we even have an exclusive launch event just for you on July 5th to showcase what our Distiller and Brand Ambassador have come up with, invitations will be coming your way soon!
Budding yeast cells seen through an electron microscope.


Yeast:  “Without yeast earth would be an alcohol free planet and every loaf of bread would be unleavened. In our time yeast has become the darling of biotechnology, generating a catalogue of life saving medicines, and billions of gallons of biofuel in the quest to slow climate change. Yeast, the sugar fungus, has been civilisations invisible partner from the get go. Ten thousand years ago our ancestors abandoned bush meat and wild fruit in favour of farming animals and cultivating grain. Leaving the forests and grasslands, our appetite for the beer and the wine produced by the fungus was a major stimulus for agricultural settlement. The reason was simple: it takes a village to run a brewery or tend a vineyard.” Excerpt from ‘The Rise of Yeast’ written by Nicholas P. Money
Lord Sydney the would be Utopian.


“Australia was meant to be a dry colony. Of all the plans in history that didn’t quite come off – Napoleon’s advance on Moscow, Mao’s Great Leap Forward, Hitler’s Thousand-Year Reich – this is my favourite.
Lord Sydney, who thought up Australia, had a rather utopian, terribly moral idea of what the place would be. The convicts were not being sent there to suffer, but to reform, and the agency of reform would be hard work and fresh air and nature and vaguely uplifting stuff like that. There would be no alcohol and no money – because without those there would be no crime.
The plan did not get very far. In fact, it got as far as Plymouth. The First Fleet, which set sail in 1787, consisted of three groups. There were the convicts, the marines who were there to guard the convicts, and the privately contracted sailors who were going to steer them there, and then come straight home. The sailors were allowed to take some booze. The marines were told that they couldn’t. The marines didn’t take this well. In fact, they were ‘sorely aggrieved’ and wrote a memo to their commanding officer to say so. They added that alcohol was ‘an indispensable requirement for the preservation of our lives, which change of climate and the extreme fatigue … may probably endanger’” Excerpt from ‘A history of Drunkenness’ .written by Mark Forsyth.
'Barry' the baby Hawksbill Sea Turtle resting up at the Aqwa Sea Turtle rehabilitation centre in WA.

Distillers Log- No. 2

Straws suck. Literally, but also figuratively. I heard a fact the other day; ‘Every straw that was ever made, still exists somewhere’. As a bartender I shudder at the thought at all the straws I’ve used whist making drinks. How naive I was. Dumb-dumb Rummy.
Now I’m not usually one to preach, but the ocean is our life line to existence. So we should probably start trying to look after it. If not for us, then for these guys.

 Right? How cute is this guy?
 June 16th is ‘World Sea Turtle Day’. Join us and the Sea Turtle Foundation in celebrating these little legends and in starting to undo some of the damage we’ve done.
Say no to the straw. Plastic pollution hangs around. The first step we can make is to stop contributing to it. As a man with a moustache I know it’s a strange feeling to give it up, but let’s all live a little, sip from the edge of the cup.


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