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AVOSH Vodka Negroni

We can do sophisticated with the best of them. ⁣
We appreciate the need on occasion to raise the bar for the first drink of the weekend with a perfectly constructed Negroni. ⁣
Central to this are a couple of things, in our humble opinion.⁣
1. The very best base spirit - in this case, AVOSH Australian Premium Bottlebrush Honey Vodka. It will give your Negroni that secret something that will make friends go 'good God, what is that delicious flavour'. Only you will know. ⁣
2. An over-sized piece of ice which slowly melts during the life of each Negroni. Non-negotiable, we're afraid. ⁣
3. An artfully arranged slice of citrus. You choose, we don't mind. We're good like that.

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